The Story Behind The 'Beloved' Print

Words have a way of working their way into our hearts + minds - for better or worse. I know frequently it is the negative words, the comparison, and the doubts that are the loudest. So, as I was intentionally creating new designs for this year I sought to find words that could combat that negativity. 

The word that spoke the loudest was 'beloved'. The word beloved shows up frequently in scripture, and means 'dearly loved' or a 'much loved person'. I knew that this word needed a place in hearts and homes. 

For me personally I want this word to be a daily reminder that I am loved. I'm a worrier and so frequently my worries are talking the loudest. So when I need to be reminded that I am so much more than what I do, this word and its powerful meaning come to mind. 

The Beloved Print // Find it here

The Beloved Print // Find it here

Friend, I made this print for you. To remind you that you are dearly loved, precious, adored, treasured and admired. So, when you don't feel like enough, or feel defeated by comparison, when worry is weighing you down, or are having a plain crummy day - remember you are beloved. 

This is such a beautiful reminder for the walls of your home. I hope this design can love and encourage you today. Make it a great one friends!