We are excited to announce that we now offer a Men's Dwell Deeply Journal! After personally using the women's Dwell Deeply Journal, and letting my husband Alex use one as well (he tried to make it a little less feminine), it became apparent that there was a real need for a similar men's journal! 

So why did we think this was so important to create? Read on for some thoughts from Alex on the creation of the men's version. 

Hey - Alex here - when Machelle launched the women's version of the Dwell Deeply journal it was exciting to watch women around her use these journals to process truth. I also loved watching how it was helping her process, and grow more consistent in quiet times and prayer. So, one day I asked if I could use one of the journals. So, I did. I loved it, but she designed them to be more feminine. I took the liberty to make some adjustments to the one I was using to give it cleaner lines and a more geometric feel.

The more I used the journal the more I saw how it was leading me to become more disciplined in my quiet time, but still giving me freedom to study anything. I also found that because I was writing things down and sketching them out they stuck in my mind more. This allowed me to recall things more easily and then share it with others. This recall was especially helpful for the areas of my life where I am leading others. 

Another cool thing was that Machelle and I were processing scripture, and writing prayer requests in a similar way. It gave us a great way to share truth and scripture with each other. Even though we would be studying different things we could encourage each other and share how we felt different scripture applied to our lives and specific situations. So, I wanted to create a men's version so that husbands and wives, or families could be processing scripture in a similar way. 

Most of all, I saw how this journal was helping Machelle with her quiet time, and I wanted that. Not only did I want it for myself, but for other men as well. So, we talked about the need for a men's journal, and I was enlisted to create the cover lettering, and inside lettering/graphics. 

Overall, the bones of the journal is the same. If you have used a women's journal all the sections are there. I just created graphics and different wording to make the journal less feminine and give a more gender neutral option for men. 

I hope you will take a look at the men's journal, and give it a try. My prayer is that this would help you be more disciplined in your quiet time, and ultimately help God's truth dwell in all areas of your life. 

Like Alex said, we are super excited to have these Men's Dwell Deeply Journals available! It has been such a cool way for us to process and share with each other. We created because we know sometimes you need a way to process what you are reading, or don't know where to begin with a quiet time. Interested? Check them out HERE


3 Tips for a Successful Quiet Time

A new year always spurs on goals and resolutions. If you are like me, some of you may be hoping to be more consistent in your quiet time, reading the Bible, or time of prayer. So, today I've listed three tips that have helped me personally to be more successful. All of these tips feature the Dwell Deeply Journal, but can be applied to your quiet time even don't use one of our journals. Enjoy!

1. Set the Mood

Sharon @fernandthefawn cozied up with her Dwell Deeply Journal

Sharon @fernandthefawn cozied up with her Dwell Deeply Journal

Setting the mood will help set yourself up for success. This might sound strange, but follow me on this one. Our homes can be chaotic and filled with distractions, this can leave us frazzled and not focused. Do a few simple things to help yourself be comfortable and excited to dwell on the word of God. Light your favorite candle, grab a cozy blanket, make yourself a snack, or pour a glass of your favorite drink (coffee anyone?). Doing something simple can help set the mood and help you enter into a more focused time with God.

2. Ditch Your Phone

Olivia @omgwalls enjoys her Dwell Deeply Quiet Time Journal with a cup of coffee!

Olivia @omgwalls enjoys her Dwell Deeply Quiet Time Journal with a cup of coffee!

Seriously - ditch the phone. I'm preaching to myself on this one folks. For most of us our phones are attached to our hands and we react with every notification ping. The world will not miss you for 20 minutes while you take time to be with God. It will allow you to more fully process scripture, be present with God and feed your soul!

The one exception to this rule is if you are using The Bible App to access the Bible, or a devotional app such as She Reads Truth. These are both excellent resources, and if you use them during your quiet time keep using them!

3. Leave Your Bible, Devotional or Journal Out

Susanna @susanna.rachel leaves her Bible and Dwell Deeply Journal out on a table.

Susanna @susanna.rachel leaves her Bible and Dwell Deeply Journal out on a table.

Leaving our Bibles out is something we started doing last year. I first saw the tip from a writer and speaker I greatly admire, Lara Casey. Leaving your Bible out in a common place serves as a reminder throughout the day. For example ours sit on the coffee table in the living room out and ready to be used. This is also helpful if you cannot dedicate a solid chunk of time to a quiet time whether it be due to your schedule, or little ones. If you leave your Bible and Dwell Deeply Journal out you can work on it throughout the day and pick up right where you left off. This allows you to fit in a quiet time where you find spare moments throughout your day.

Our Dwell Deeply Journals can also help you structure, organize and keep track of your quiet times. You can purchase them HERE in the Machelle Kolbo Design Studio Etsy Shop. Check out the #dwelldeeplyjournal on Instagram to see more photos of journals in use! Special thanks to our happy Instagram customers whose pictures I shared above.