Mother's Day Cards

Do important events and holidays sneak up on anyone else? For instance, did you glance at your calendar yesterday and realize that Mother's Day is only two weeks away?! Well, if you didn't, now you know! Mother's Day is Sunday, May 10th. Today I'm sharing some cards for the special day that were an absolute pleasure for me to design. 

Flowers are my go to doodle, and are constantly inspiring me. I had so much fun sketching the florals and bouquets featured on these cards. The cards are black and white, because I wanted to leave them as a blank canvas for you to color in! How fun is that?! 

Now, the trick with Mother's Day is that Dad's are the ones that need to help out the little ones. I'm fairly certain out of the handful of people who actually read this blog that about 0% are men. So, ladies - if you have kids and want to see one of these cards pop up on Mother's Day you might need to give some helpful hints. 

These cards are not just for kiddos to color in! Adults - break out some markers, crayons or pens and get creative. Make something fun that is sure to surprise your mom and brighten her day! 

If you are local to Lincoln, NE you can find these cards at the Pilgrimer downtown. Otherwise, the flower bouquet Mother's Day card is available in my Etsy shop as an instant download, which means you can print it out from the convenience of your own home.  

Enjoy, and don't forget to celebrate your mother!