Free Desktop Wallpaper Download

I am always on the hunt for cute desktop backgrounds and iPhone lock screens. It is a bigger bonus if they are encouraging, or inspirational. I spend a lot of time at my computer or with my phone, and I'm sure the same is true for some of you! So, I took one our most popular prints and made it into a desktop background or iPhone lock screen. 

I'm hoping to bring you new free desktop and iPhone backgrounds every month (we will see what happens)! Up first is 'You are so Loved'. I know this is an easy truth to forget. So pop this background on your computer or phone as a constant reminder that you are so loved! I know I need to be reminded of this on occasion and thought there might be others in need of this reminder as well. Download instructions for each background are below. 

Desktop Background // Click to Download

Desktop Background // Click to Download

iPhone Background // Click to Download

iPhone Background // Click to Download


To Download Free April Wallpapers:

  1. Click on the photo above - this will open a new window with the background 
  2. Right click and "Save As" to save on a computer. For mobile click image and save to phone.
  3. Set as your desktop or iPhone background.
  4. Enjoy!

The original 'You are so Loved' print can be found in the Machelle Kolbo Design Studio Etsy Shop. Enjoy!

These images are available for personal use on your phone or computer. Please don't steal them, try and sell them, or put them on your own products. Thank You!


Kolbo Alphabet Challenge G-L

Our alphabet is actually almost finished, but I wanted to share more of the letters on here in case you haven't been following along on Instagram

So, if you haven't been following along, the #KolboAlphabetChallenge is something that Alex (my husband) and I decided to do for fun and to challenge ourselves. We also invited others to join in! So if you look through the hashtag on Instagram there will be letters by many different creative individuals! So fun!

Below you will find letters G-L that Alex and I created/made/drew. Enjoy!


Kolbo Alphabet Challenge A-F

Do you ever get stuck and wonder how you could challenge yourself creatively? Hopefully I'm not the only one! My husband Alex and I both love being creative and we are both creative in different ways. I wanted to do something that would challenge us do stretch our creative muscles and have some fun along the way. 

So, the #KolboAlphabetChallenge was born. If you have been following along on Instagram, you will already know what I'm talking about. Over the course of the next couple of months we will be posting every letter of the alphabet created in different ways. We generally post these letters 2-3 times per week. Alex has been creating his letters out of arranged objects and materials. I have been trying out different styles of lettering and typography.

For me this has become a wonderful creative exercise. When I find myself stuck on a project, or needing a break I will sketch out letters. My alphabet has been focused on lettering and typography. I love looking at other typography, lettering, and drop caps for inspiration. I create multiple sketches for each letter and push myself to try styles outside of my typical comfort zone. We are only a couple letters in but I already can see how this fun idea is pushing and growing me as a designer! As you can see below there is lots of sketching before I get to the final design. 


We welcome you to join us on this alphabet challenge, and put your own creative spin on it! When you post your letters please use the tag #kolboalphabetchallenge on Instagram or Facebook. If you want to see the letters we are posting follow us on instagram - @machellekolbo & @alexkolbo

Below is our alphabet so far! I'm so excited to see it when we have all the letters complete!