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Mother’s Day is right around the corner - Sunday, May 12th! I love that we have a day to honor mother’s and be reminded and thankful for our role as moms.

There are lots of ways to help the mom in your life feel honored and loved. All moms cherish intentional time together, a shared meal, or maybe even a little time to herself. Tangible gifts are also a way to show your mom some love, but sometimes finding the right gift can leave you stumped. I have been guilty of google searching gifts for various occasions... “Best birthday presents for mom”, “Birthday gift ideas for husband”, or “toys for one year old boy.” You get the picture. Anybody else?

So, in case you are on the lookout for some Mother’s Day gifts I pulled together a few ideas from some of my favorite local and internet friends for you! I’ve also included a link to some old blog posts with free Mother’s Day printables. There are ideas to fit any budget, to help the mom in your life feel honored and loved.


My first pick is Wax Buffalo candles. You can’t really go wrong with gifting the mom in your life one of these candles. These pure soy candles are thoughtfully created by a mama, and made with safe, high quality ingredients.  If you are a Lincoln, NE local you are in luck because the Wax Buffalo flag ship store is opening Mother’s Day weekend in the Haymarket! So, last minute local shoppers hop on down to the store to grab some candles, and enjoy the grand opening celebration!

You really can’t go wrong with any of the scents, but the new spring line is AMAZING! So many floral-y beautiful scents. If you want something more spa-like, my personal fav is the Rosemary Mint. If you know the mama in your life likes something a bit more musky then Sweet Tobacco is gonna be your jam.


My second pick are these ‘Kingdom Work’ notepads from Naomi Paper Co. I’ve followed Naomi on instagram for awhile and love all her lettering and design work. She’s expecting her first little babe soon, and I know she had moms in mind when she created them. Hop on over and check out all the amazing things she creates!

I love these notepads as a gift for mom because of the heart behind them, and the tangible reminder they are to daily have a kingdom mindset. The notepads were inspired by Matthew 6:33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.  The Kingdom Work Notepad is designed to be a practical tool to remind us to “seek first his kingdom" by putting first what God calls us to do each day. Moms always have a to-do list running, so this notepad is perfect for that! It also helps you prioritize things in your day, and gently reminds you that the work you are doing has an eternal impact. I think this is a sweet reminder for mamas, as well as the perfect notepad for lists!


Another gift idea, are these beautiful ESV Journaling Bibles from Wheat and Honey Co . Full disclosure, I designed these Bible covers for Wheat and Honey Co, so I am slightly biased. These would make a great gift for moms!

These Bibles have two beautiful floral colors, and gold foil lettering on the cover. These designs were purposefully created to inspire women to dig into the word of God. I truly mean it when I say they were purposefully created. I worked with the team at Wheat and Honey Co through edits and tweaks to make sure they were exactly how we wanted them. These designs have been prayed over and lovingly created for women specifically. Also, this is a journaling Bible so there is generous margin space for notes, journaling or doodles.


Fact. Moms love photos. A lot of the time, we aren’t in the photos because we are the ones taking them! So, my next gift idea is to surprise the mom in your life with a family photo session. Photos are a super thoughtful gift, and something she will cherish for a long time to come.

Reach out to a photographer local to you to book a session, or see if they have time slots for mini sessions coming up. If you are in Lincoln, NE we have lots of excellent photographers to choose from!  A few of my favorites are Victoria Petersen Photo, and Brooke Confer Photography! We had Brooke take family photos after our son Owen was born, and they are my absolute favorite!

Our family photos with brand new Owen | taken by Brooke Confer Photography

Our family photos with brand new Owen | taken by Brooke Confer Photography



Up next, is the mama mug available in my shop! These mugs feature floral illustration, and hand-lettered word ‘mama’ in gold on a matte black mug. The design wraps all the way around so no matter which way you hold the mug you can proudly show off your title of mama!

Gifting this mug along with a gift card to her favorite local coffee shop, her favorite coffee, or her favorite tea would make it a sweet and personal gift.

The extra special part of these mugs is that they give back to other mama’s too! We will be donating $7 for every Mama mug sold to The Hope Venture to purchase and provide ‘mama kits’ to pregnant women in Africa. These kits provide women with clean supplies to aid them in childbirth. For every mug sold we will be able to purchase a mama kit. If you want to learn more about what the Hope Venture is doing around the world, or about the mama kits themselves head to their website.

Lastly, are a couple FREE Mother’s Day printables. Use these printables to spruce up a gift, or make them into a gift of their own. The original posts gives some ideas on how to use these printables as a fun gift for mom! The first Mother’s Day printable is for a 5x7 print that you can fill out and frame as a gift. The second free printable for Mother’s Day has a card and gift tags for you to use! Instructions for saving and printing these files are on the original posts. Enjoy!

I hope these ideas are helpful for you if you are stumped on a tangible gift for mom. Gifts obviously aren’t required to show moms they are loved. There are lots of ways to serve moms and make them feel so loved (and not just on Mother’s Day). If you are searching for a physical gift I hope this guide gave you some great ideas while supporting small businesses!

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